Adults and Children over 12 years

Initial Consultation £45

Follow up Consultations £25

Children under 12 years

Initial Consultation £30

Follow up Consultations £25




£10 per 100 mls

Powders, teas, bespoke creams & oils also available





Free ten minute mini consultations are available to ask about herbal medicine and you.

When you visit a Medical Herbalist you get the opportunity to discuss your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


The first consultation takes an hour and involves the Medical Herbalist taking a detailed medical history, covering not only your current complaint but also your family history, diet and lifestyle.


A treatment strategy will be agreed which will include an individually designed prescription dispensed with appropriate instructions.


Your prescription will usually be a tincture, however there are also teas, creams and other forms of plant medicine available.


The Herbal Medicines dispensed at my Shoreham Beach clinic are sustainably produced and highly quality assured.


As a Medical Herbalist I can liaise with your GP and other healthcare practitioners on your behalf as I'm fully committed to integrated healthcare.